Evol — Ancient Abbey

Ride, young Harlin, ride away in tears, from the rage of your guardian,
something you will find Blind you are running, unaware where you’re
going, beyond the Border of Stones, now you find yourself lost, in the
middle of the dark woods.

«Corri Harlin, non pensare, non aver paura, segui il tuo cuore e lascia che
la luce sopita nella sera risplenda ancor».

Lost you are, Harlin, in these lonely woods a small path lies ahead and
closer is sunset, far away is the Border, you can’t turn back now, you must
go on with your faithful horse, finding a shelter for this gloomy night,
and soon the Truth will be revealed.

Ride, ride, ride, ’till the end of these gloomy woods
Ride, ride, ride, fearless through the night
Ride, ride, ride, soon you will be revealed
Ride, ride, ride, ’till you find the ancient abbey…

«I bronzei battenti attendono il tuo arrivo
L’antico edificio ti Л giэ familiare
spalanca il portale, oh giovane Harlin
scorgi all’interno migliaia di candele accese
svela il mistero della tua esistenza
entra, non aver timore, questo Л il tuo destino».

Titanic abbey, young Harlin you see, with thousand arches climbing up the
air and cruciform pillars dividing the aisles.

Now you know what hides in the woods beyond the Border of Stones, young
Harlin Before you the Gargoyles are watching thousand of candles lit
their red eyes Tales of heroes are told in the stained glass windows of the
gothic cathedral But you attention is caught by the jewelled golden altar
in the end of the nave

«Finalmente siete giunto, nobile Harlin, ora il Culto della Luce riprenderэ
vigore, ora che l’Inquisitore Л tornato alla sua Chiesa».

This is what you hear, noble Harlin, from the golden ark, the voice speaks
clear, you are the Inquisitor, the only hope for Light and your enemy,

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