Текст песни Ice Cube — 24 Wit An L

Текст песни Ice Cube - 24 Wit An L
originally appeared as a b-side to cube’s «check yo self» single

24 with an l, 24 years old and I got life in this motherfucker…

24 with an l as I bail through the concrete, shit is kinda deep
Deep, deeper than atlantis, you got to know who the man is
L.a. better known as pelican’s bay
The ghetto bird’s got the word from the stool pigeon
A bird in the hand can’t beat a chicken
There ain’t no warden (shit)
Just broken glass fucking up my jordans
Twice upon the time in the projects
I done got jacked for my rolex
But I keep going, let it pass
Cause the swap meet got a sale on ski masks
And my little homie kevin
Been carjacking since ’87 (really doe)
L.a. is like a jail cell
And I got 24 with an l

«get in that cell, nigger» (repeat 8x)

Now, I made a little money, good
But I still want to live in the hood
But buying new fly shit
Is just like inviting ants to a picnic
There’s just too many sets
And now I’m getting those kidnap threats
But who wanna get wet?
Cause I’ll soak ya, you think I’m fat like oprah
All I got is a little piece of nothing
And now you want to jack all the sudden
Rahter have me face down on the floor
Instead of that devil you work for
Motherfucking coward
And clowning my man cause he wants to go to howard
Now I got a strap when I bail
Through the hood, 24 with an l

«get in that cell, nigger» (repeat 8x)

24 years, but see I got life
Sorry mike, it does matter if you’re black or white
Cause I’m up against the black and white
They spread my legs and grab my nuts tight
Niggas keep hitting me up
And bitches try to get a drop of nut
Asking me to dick this
So they can blow up, throw up from the morning sickness
Keep my shoulder on the wall like the county
Cause you buster-ass niggas can’t clown me
South of pee go, that’s where we go
Deep in a regal, desert eagle
Sitting on my lap like a bitch with a gat
Westside’s on the map
So if you want to scrap or even drop shells
24 with an l

«get in that cell, nigger» (repeat 12x)

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