Текст песни A.J. Rafael — Beautiful Escape

Текст песни A.J. Rafael - Beautiful Escape
I don’t know where this is going
I don’t know how this all came about
But all I know is that I’ll never…
Forget the way you looked at me that night

Maybe one day you’ll be leavin’
Maybe one day we’ll say it’s over and done
But right now, I wanna breathe it in and sing it out
I’m not afraid of where it’s taking me tonight

And somehow this is not the way I planned it
I didn’t think I’d need someone right now, then there was you

Let’s get away from here
Away to a universe that’s not so close, my dear
And in my arms you’ll stay
Amazing how you take my breath away

I’m hoping for the real thing
And I know I find my realness in you
These nights are never-ending
To have you here would be so overdue

And somehow I’m just falling way too quickly
The moment that you put your hand in mine
No wasted time


Can stars determine what will be of you and me
Cuz I see stars when I look into your eyes
Can we imagine what it’d be, just you and me
Endless possibilities, in your eyes — can we

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