Текст песни Lily Allen — Wind your neck in

Текст песни Lily Allen - Wind your neck in
Why don’t you keep your eyes on the road.
Keep yourself to yourself.
Or you’re gonna explode.
Don’t concern yourself in my shit.
If I told you the truth.
Well you probably couldn’t handle it.
What’s it got to do with you.
I don’t care what you get up to.
Didn’t ask for your opinion.
Not your business.
Wind your neck in.

Why’d you think you’re better.
Little rubber-necker.
No one likes a trouble maker.
Pull up your socks.
There’s nothing to see here.
Why’d you have to be here.
Can’t you turn around and get back into your box.

Wind your neck in.

[Verse 2]
I always said each to their own.
Won’t you give me a break.
Won’t you throw me a bone.
I’m a different cat or a fish.
If you don’t understand.
Just look the other way, you bitch.
I’ll do my thing, you do your’s.
What you get up to behind closed doors.
No of interest, I’ve no opinion.
It’s not my business.
Wind your neck in.


The rubber-neckers slow me down.
When will they ever work it out.
No, they can’t run me out of town.

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