Текст песни Sauce McKinley — The Appetizer

Текст песни Sauce McKinley - The Appetizer
Windows down, feelin’ so crispy
Shotgun is empty, my girl, she be missin’
One, sittin’ wit me just to pass me the bizga’
Workin’ late nights, it’s on;y fair that she be dippin’
Man, I ain’t trip’, girl, you the world
The message that I got is sended, twenty feather, let it go
Hopefully somedays we’ll be back together,
The memories and days I hate will be hard to remember
But its whateva, man, I’m focused on my cheddar,
Hopefully she happ when I meet her, when we be together
I’mma do me, to the cameraman, hurry up and take a picture
Please, anytime I stay still for the memory
Without the pain and pleasure there’s no sense in the weather
Remember this feelin’ fo’ eva, the days things change day,
I fell fame, till the day kids grew up and knew my name
Then I swear

~~Woman singing~~
Man, I swear
~~Woman singing~~

Let us think, (fame), I live fanatic, damage in you rapper amateurs
You actin’ fo’ the cameras and you think you’re the best
Cause you rented some fuckin’ Phantoms, bro?!
(How you knew about that?) Man, look what you create!
Got an illness, cause my blood tight cause be realness
It’s a disease to displease then release my mental striptease
To bring that guana the prophecies to increase the level of unisties
Stairway to heaven, skip a couple stairs
Elevator to hell, no one seems to care
Some would dare big, but they know they did wrong
They say they’d stay comin’, but they didn’t stay wrong
Uh, yeah, we makin’ love to the game
Fame don’t mean shit to us cause we stay the same
Damn, the truth hurts, colorsome composes
Better yet, tell it what you want it

The appetizer
The appetizer
The appetizer
Hmm, what’s on the appetizer today?

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