Текст песни Kev Decor — Cops

Текст песни Kev Decor - Cops
Tell a young nigga that his dreams like suicide
And get to shootin’, he would die (even if)
Tell me today that I’m gonna die tomorrow
I ain’t worried, that somebody lie
Even if it (kill somebody) tell somebody
That I’m ready if you eva wanna try somebody
Momma raise a gentleman, a scholar and a killa
Tell ya right now, cut the coin, scatter
But I fit the shit with niggas with no faces
That’ll leave no trace of shell cases
When the creamer with the flogga chaw
Give it a minute to sink in, your skin restes
And your epidemic’s preachin’, aw
I wanna teach yo teeth with the curve, if you riff
Herpes what the word, we accept the service
Make a trigger if you nervous, have you eva tried it?
I swear to God right now, if a nigga try smth, call the cops right now
Fin’ the murder shit

~~Girl Singing~~

Call the coppers, man, it don’t need helicopters
He just try feed the mommas and the motherfuckin’ sirens period

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