Текст песни KaliRaps — Fundamentals

Текст песни KaliRaps - Fundamentals
Feat. Rookie Cartrite

Feel the vibe, homicide’s right where I reside
Feel the pain from my past when I spit my rhymes
Feel the presence of a winner when I’m in yo eyes
Feel the claustrophobic women tryna pick my mind
Picture this: pop pistols at your pussy lips
Paranoid, I got no patience, I’m a walking prick
Dark knights make my heart beat faster
Squeeze the whole clip, them my car speeds past ya
I’m gone, see, see, right there I want like the gun shots
Like the car peelin’ off, and like
Then like a plane takin’ off, know what I’m sayn?
Just took a trip to a place I’ve neva been,
With people that I neva met, that’s the only way to win
Pop said how can they love you when they neva met you?
Befo’ you see the world, make it yours and they won’t forget you
Make the livin’ off my thoughts, pay attention
I owe some back child support I’m ashamed to mention
Real nigga, lay it on the line, I let my hear bleed
Befo’ I snitch I give up and die
Real shit, get a grip, boy, I’m gettin’ rich
Gettin’ checks, takin’ risk, runnin’ thru these hoes
Like I’m Emmet Smith
Hall of fame, entertainer, but I read no scripts
The teleprompter’s tellin’ me how I should spill my shit
These aggressive rap sessions make me who I am
Prime time, come cast flow, cause I’m on demand
Period, leave you bloody if you owe me money
Give respect to get respect, nobody took shit from me
I’m on a beach chair
Staring at the ocean
Smokin’ Tropicana kush
With this girl I met from Oakland
We was talkin’ ’bout the culture
And I think I got her open
Started talkin’ ’bout my money
Now I know I got her open

Is the car right? I dunno if I can smoke in here
But I’mma smoke

They know I’m bout the killin’ when I start out
They know I’m bout to say smh slick, I’m like a smart mouth
I need a bunch of cars, bitches and a large house
I’ll quit this mass just as fast, take it barged out
Old homies gettin’ greedy, please excuse them
Crazy when your old friends start actin’ like yo new friends
I took a chance, though, I wasn’t exposed then
Feel like the shot’s still counted like a gold ten

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