Текст песни Fred The Godson — Draft Day (Freestyle)

Текст песни Fred The Godson - Draft Day (Freestyle)
I make it hot wherever Fred go
And my sons is shootin’ god if he bled some
You know I’m Fat Boy Fresh, I’m still around blow
Baggin’ that piff on that piff watching my download
Just act like I ain’t the bee splitter
Rap like, let’s act like you ain’t the least bider
I’m packin’ the Mac, baggin’ the act, you got a police with ‘er
But I still follow her, you can keep Twitter
See, yo wife I can shake, and I’m fat, I know you hate ‘er
But I too got a wife, I can’t take ‘er
But I still score in your defense, like the Lakers
We beef, no one can save ya, you nigga betta lay low
My gun be dumby, howeva you wanna play it out
Gat to the count to ten and I’mma spray dim
But you gon’ see the devil if I say ten
It’s for my niggas doin’ dirt and get caught tomorrow
It’s for my niggas staying up all night and get caught tomorrow
Freddy God, EBT card, I pull-I benefit
My man beyond clappin’, wish to be free
John Jackson, he ran with the meagles and telle’ D’s
See, mettin’ the D suck, cause these emotions is up and down
Like a T sour, I only hit the streets to profit
You a junior like Bumgasy, fuck you niggas who gossip!
Ever been one road with that Marylin Monroe
Marvel and come blow, we just gatherin’ some blow
You in the VM, 20-11 fuck
I’m in the soda club, no for that coke, I hit a 7-up
Shit, from here on call me special Fred
I’m in a class by myself like a special Ed

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